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Keep the Music Alive

Help the LPO #keepupthetempo! We know that music has the power to inspire, connect, and transform people and communities. The power of music provides not only comfort and solace during unprecedented times but also tells stories of glory, hope, and triumph. That’s why the LPO has based its mission on providing transformative experiences for audiences of all ages and across the region. 

The key to our future is your generosity. Your support today will enable us to emerge stronger, more vibrant, and more creative than ever before. Donate today and receive special recognition and exclusive weekly profiles of your LPO musicians. We appreciate your generosity. New! You now have the option to pay monthly or weekly options. Details will be found on the payment details page.


Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Adams • Chief and Mrs. Richard Adams • Doug and Mary Albert • Cindy Alberts • Mr. and Mrs. Leonard N. Alsfeld • Amazon Smile Foundation • Mrs. Bethlehem K. Andrews • Judy and Allain Andry • Kiran Angadi • James Arey • Lynn Armstrong • Mrs. Sara Attaya • Ms. Paula Atwood • Charlene Aucoin • Mark Babcock • Capt. Gary Bair • Betty Baker and Kathy Kilgore • Barbara Beckman • Mrs. Adelaide Benjamin • Mr. Henry Bernstein • Mr. Larry Blake • Joseph Blumethal • Mrs. Jane E. Boettcher • Marilyn Bohren • Judith R. Bostwick • Gretchen Bosworth • Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Boudreaux • Drs. Andrea S. and Archie W. Brown • Mr. and Mrs. James B. Brown • Dr. and Ms. Jon Christopher Brown • Dr. Georgia M. Bryant • Ms. Mary Ann Bulla • Mr. Jeremy S. Burke • Ms. Lillie Butler • Col. Philip Campbell • Laura and Allen Carman • Sue Cartmill • Joseph and Dianne Caverly • Vance Ceaser • Irene Gonzalez Cerise • Julien Chaillou • Loredana Chapman • Mr. Clark R. Charbonnet • Mr. and Mrs. Edgar L. Chase, III • Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Chotin, Jr. • Mr. Edmund H. Christy • Ms. Nancy L. Claypool • Mr. and Mrs. Dan M. Cliffe • Kathy Clifton • Moira Clingman • Hugh Collins • Ms. Elaine Conroy • Ray and Ellen Cook • Caitlin Cooper • Carolyn F. Cornelius • Dr. Raquel Cortina • John Stone Coulter Fund • Arthur A. Crais Jr. • Kerry Cuccia • Arthur Cummins • Mrs. C. Fredrick Dahlberg • Suzanne Daly • Mr George Dansker • Mr. Gerald G. Daussin, Jr. • Ms. Jeanette Davis-Loeb • Randolph Delehanty • Mr. Robert J. Delle, III • Julie Denslow • Ms. Lorraine Devita • Mr. Douglas Dike • Hon Bridget Dinvaut • Dr Julie Doan • Ms Jeanne Dumestre • Ms. Karen Dunn • Sally T. Duplantier • Dr. Angela S. Duthu • Mr. Douglas Dike • Ms. Sandra Eason • Catherine Edwards • Melanie and Ken Ehrlich • Irene Eigner • Lillie Eyrich and Rose Vines • •Anne Marie Fargason • James Farrow • Diane Fee • Mrs. Diane Ferguson • Lawrence P. Ferguson • Mr. Lyle Ferguson • Ms. Joanne C. Ferriot • Drs. Annette and Julio Figueroa • Susan Fleet • Henry and Joan Folse • Danny Ford • Anne Owens and Robin Forman • Deirdre Fuchs • Dr. and Mrs. Harold A. Fuselier, Jr. • Mr. Robert H. Gardiner • Colleen Gaudin • Rev. Susan S. Gaumer • Ms. Anne B. Gauthier • Camille Gauthier • John Gavel • Myralynn and Allen Gibbs • Jordan Ginsberg • Joanna M. Giorlando • Dr. Amelia Goodenough • Robert and Valborg Gross • Mr. James C. Gulotta and Ms. Susan G. Talley • Susan and Jimmy Gundlach • Drs. Michael E. Hagensee and Jennifer Cameron • Dr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Hales • Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hall • Gay Hanby • Mr. Stephen G. Hanchey • Ms. Rachel Harney • Seth Harris • Mrs. Selma Hawk • Nancy and Dan Healan • Maureen Heaslip • Yehudit and Eric Heller • Meghana Hemphill • Rick Henderson • Susan and William D. Hess • Ms. Angela Hill and Dr. Irwin M. Marcus • Mr. Christopher Hines • Mike and Carol Holland • Dr. Kerstin Hoener Zu Bentrup • Mr. Brian Horowitz • John and Donna Howland • Ken Huerta • Dr. Paul Hughbanks • Beverly and Burt Hunley • Dr. Bernard M. Jaffe • Diane Johns • Sylvia Johnson • Phillips Johnston • Mrs. Marilena Joyce • Robert and Stephanie Jumonville • Jim and Betty Karam • Mr. Roland Keith • Timothy and Virginia Kelly • Sara Kiener • Gennice King • Ms. Chandra Kipker • Mrs. Anayansi Konrad • Marjorie Kraus • Mr. and Mrs. Paul I. Kullman • Vladia Kunzmann • Mr. and Mrs. Ted Laborde • Herbert V. Larson and Julianne Nice • Mrs. Sandra P. Larson • Mr. Shelby LaSalle •  Ms. Alice F. Lastrapes • Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lawder, Jr. • Lorraine LeBlanc • Noonie and Clay LeJeune • Kristine Lelong • Alfred Lemmon • Dr. Edward D. Levy, Jr. • Bob and Charlotte Lewis • Marilyn Linker • Mrs Deborah Loach • Ms. Belva Locker • Mr. and Mrs. Lee H. Longstreet • Rev. and Mrs. David B. Lowry • Jacqueline Luck • Mr. Jonathan Machta • Mrs. Louis Madere • Joel and Suzy Mague • Brigitta Malm • James Marchant • Anthony Marinaro • Terjr Marthinsen • Edward Martin • Joyce Mathison • Craig W. Maumas, M.D. • Nicolle and Robert McGuiness • Martha McLure • Mark McNany • Matthew McQueen • Roger Melenberg • Jeffrey and Suzanne Middleton • Paul and Stephanie Mikesell • Nancy Hudson Miller • Michael Mislove • Drs. R. Ranney and Emel Songu Mize • Ms Cheryl Mogul • Ms. Babs Mollere • K Moore • Dr. and Mrs. Lee Roy Morgan, Jr. • Mr. Benjamin H. Motion • Dr. Cecilia Mouton • Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Nead • Stephen Ng • Dr. and Mrs. Joel L. Nitzkin • Robert and Nell Nolan Young • Mr Robert Northey • Eric and Erlinda Nye • Dr. Marilu O'Byrne and Mr. Samuel G. Robinson • Dr. and Mrs. Tom Oelsner • Mr. and Mrs. L. Dow Oliver • Mrs. Ruth R. Olivera • Ms. Angela O'Malley • Mr. and Mrs. John M. Otis • Lawrence Ozenberger • Dr. Vernon Palmer • Wilton Pate • Mr. Geoffrey Philabaum • Ms. Murray M. Pitts • Dr. Allison Plyer • Diana Powell • Kent Prince • Andrew G. Raby • Rob Ragas • Elizabeth Raimann • Elizabeth RePass and Nicholas Vitter • Keith and Vicki Rhea • Don & Catherine Rhodes • Camille Rome • Paul and Margaret Rosenfeld • Ariel Rudolph • Rabbi Marc Rudolph • Mr. William Sabatier • Norma Sandoval • Maj. Gen. (Ret.) and Mrs. Tomas A. Sands • Ms. Courtney-Anne Sarpy • Rita and Gerald Satawa • Charles Scher • Coleman and Elsa Schneider • Mr. Michael Schneider • Drs. John and Sylvia Schneller, III • Ms. Louise C. Schreiner • Stanley Schwam • Mr. and Mrs. Juergen F. A. Seifert • Dr. and Mrs. Jay M. Shames • Margaret and Wade Shields • Ms. Charlotte A. Brunner and Mr. Alan M. Shiller • Ms Ruth Terry Sipos • Mr. and Mrs. I. William Sizeler • Diana Smith • Pamela Smith • Ms. Therese Stentz • Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Strub • Mr. and Mrs. Juan Suarez • Vali Talbot • Mr. Robert Tarcza • Mr. William Tebow • Dr. and Mrs. Eugene B. Tilton Jr. • Katie Torres • Joe and Judy Toups • Greta R. Trotter • Lizbeth Turner • Mr. Benjamin Samuels and Dr. Robert Vasquez • Mr. Gerardo Viera • Helen Vogel • Mr. and Mrs. David Wagstaff • Ms. Eileen B. Wallen • Peter and Joyce Walker • Art and Martie Waterman • Eric and Regina Wedig • Donald and Karen Weldon • James Wesner • Mr. Gordon Whyte • Kathryn Wildgen • Judith Wilks • Mr. and Mrs. Cornelis Willems • Mr. Donald A. Olson and Ms. D. Ellaine Wilson • Mr. and Mrs. John Morgan Wilson • Mrs. Kathleen Winter • Kenny Wuerstlin • Mr. Barry Zigas

A Special Thank you to the LPO Volunteers!