Complimentary Tickets

Complimentary Ticket Process

Staff and musicians are granted (2) comps per performance for personal use. Comps are dependent on ticket sales, and special requests are at the Box Office’s discretion. Seating placement is dependent on how the house is sold.

The Musician/Staff Request Form This form is used for personal Musician/Staff complimentary tickets. The form is located below

  • Musician/Staff Comps
    • Includes Orpheum Sessions, Northshore, and Open Rehearsals ONLY.
    • Music at the Museum and Happy Hour comps are available only for those in the performing ensemble. The musicians in those ensembles can email me directly at lindsay.calmes@lpomusic.com for their comp request.
    • Comps are not always available for contracted projects (e.g. Opera, any performance where we do not directly handle the ticketing), and I will send out any info regarding those as soon as it is available.
    • The Comp Request Form will be available on each Monday morning for the performances that week. The form is also accessible on the musicians’ internal website. Depending on sales, one or all performances will be available to select from.
    • The request form will be turned OFF promptly at 10:00am the day of the performance.
    • The request form will be turned ON for the next performance that week (if there is one) once the current performance begins
    • Tickets will be put under the musician’s name and emailed to the musician by default unless otherwise requested.
    • Tickets will be sent on concert day or day before. depending on sales.
  • Reminders:
    • Comps are available based on ticket sales
    • Seating is determined based on how the house is sold
    • Comps will be held under the musician/staff name unless otherwise noted
    • The Patron Services Office will do our best to accommodate special requests
    • To ensure the best possible experience for all guests, please communicate to your guest how the tickets will be available (either emailed or at Will Call) and what name will be on the tickets (yours or theirs). This will help the Patron Services queue move more quickly.
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