Digital Access Resources


Due to the various different devices and set ups, there are a variety of different ways to access the performances. 

1. The LPO will email a link on each release date. This link will bring you to an LPO webpage that contains the Vimeo link to the performance, program notes, and other information.
You can enter/click this link using your smart device (phone, iPad, tablet, etc) and connect/cast/mirror it to your television or navigate to this webpage by entering/clicking the link into your television’s web browser if it is equipped with one. *Please note* You DO NOT need to purchase a Vimeo subscription to view the performances. 


1. Using your television or smart device (phone, tablet, iPad, etc) navigate to to log in to your account. If you forgot your password, please select “Forgot your password?” to create a new one. Here is a short video on how to watch via your account.

2. There will be a large blue box that lists all of the performances by name and release date. Click on those links to bring you to the performance page that contains the Vimeo link, program notes, and other information. If the blue box is not there, navigate to the “Digital Access” tab on the left hand side menu. This will bring you to the access area that will have messages that contain the performance link. 

Below are links to videos and documents with some more information:

How to mirror iPad to Roku

How to connect iPhone to TV

How to connect iPhone to TV

How to connect laptop to TV via HDMI cable

How to use Silk Browser on Amazon Firestick

How to connect laptop to TV via HDMI cable

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