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Written by Jim Atwood

Cellist Allen Nisbet passed away on Tuesday evening, April 24. Allen was a former member of the New Orleans Symphony and a founding member of the LPO from 1991-1992.

He served as the first chair of the LPO Development Committee and continued to serve as an advisor and supporter of the orchestra for many years. Allen was a faculty member at Loyola University from 1986 until his recent retirement.

Allen was an important part of the founding of the LPO. His thoughtfulness and wisdom was a much welcomed and comforting presence in the first years of the LPO. His dedicated work organizing and leading the Development efforts of our fledgling organization was crucial to establishing the orchestra as a new and respected presence in the New Orleans cultural landscape of the 1990’s.

Allen was a wonderful cellist and an outstanding colleague and will be missed by all of us that were fortunate enough to have known and worked with him.

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