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Commemorative Giving


The following donations have been made in memory of beloved friends and family members.

John Armbruster, by

Paula Armbruster

Jules Bellone, by
Ellen Bellone

Sydney Besthoff, by
Ana Gershanik and Juan Gershanik

Dale C. Biggers, by
Courtney and Elizabeth Wilson

Mercedes Volliet Bonner, by

Judith and Thomas Bonner, Jr.

W. Alton Bryant, Jr., by
Dr. Georgia M. Bryant

Virginia Chapman, by
Mary and Doug Albert

David Dashev, by
John and Kathy Heyman
Kim Meier
Sharon Tarlow

Dr. Carolyn Ruth Ettinger, by
Barbara Adler
David Orlansky

Robert Lee Grinstead, Sr., by
Janet White

Dr. Walter Harris Jr,, by
Henrietta Augustus Harris

Kathleen Brooks Hightower
for fellowship of young musicians

Kathleen Moore Vick Foundation

Lynne Stanley Hood, by
Quentin, Rocio, Adam and Mark Neill

Hugh W. Long, by
Ana and Juan Gershanik
Robert and Valborg Gross
Douglas Hagerman
Seth Harris and Julie Schwam Harris
Mr. Paul Leaman
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Dwight R McGhee,
USAF (Ret.) Babs Mollere
Mary Carr Patton
Patricia Richards
Kevin G. Schoonove
David Radlauer and
Julie Schwartz

Helen Malin, by
Seth and Maria Malin

Ronald Lynn Merlino, by

Terence Bordelon

Our Parents, by
Rita and Doug Lambert

Dr. Irwin Marcus, by
Eileen Wallen

Suzanne Motion, by
Benjamin Motion

Verline Olinde, by
Maria Butler
Anna Caruso
Nicki Hebert
Lori Hendler
Alison Johnston
Cindy McNitt
Ali Nolan
Monique Steigler

Carolyn Perez, by
Diane Butler
Betty Gerstner
Kathy Wink

Richard Schornstein, by
Leslie Marx Gerstung
Susan Greenwood
Eve M. Herman
Florence Schornstein
Lynne Rothschild Stern
Eileen Wallen

Karen Sanno, by
Donna Bradley

John Scharfenburg, by
Ruth Ann Allen Edwin and Barbara Beckman
Patty Boswell
Andrea and Archie Brown
Maria Evans
Susan Erba
Callie Gray
Michelle Woodruff

Leonard Thien, by
Laura Sandberg

René van Zanten, by
Jan Sutton

Mary Ann Valentino, by

Ana and Juan Gershanik


Honorarium gifts to the LPO are a thoughtful way to commemorate an anniversary or birthday, or to honor a loved one. The LPO thanks the following donors and their loved ones for their honorary gifts.

Mrs. Adelaide Wisdom Benjamin
Mrs. Julie F. Breitmeyer

Johnny Barker

Susan Brock

Tom and Barbara Sands
Margie Breeden
Jan Wootan

Dr. Charles L. Brown, Jr.
Harriet Brown

Amelia Clingman
Catherine and Lili Cerise

Georgie DeBlanc and Robert Weilbacher
Phillip Fuselier and Anthony Terranova

Chelsea Gallo and the LPO Radio Hour
Lloyd and Adriana Bonfield

Bruce Gordon
Janet and Boris Moiseyev

Joel Mague

Kathy Mague

Avi Merlin and Grandpa Lader
Rebecca and Marshall Scheetz

Bob and Charlotte Lewis
Lorraine Thien

The New Orleans Louisiana Saints
and the New Orleans Pelicans

Susan Talley and Jay Gulotta

Yaroslav Rudovosky
William Sabatier

Ray McGhee
Helen Ellis

Kenneth and
Barbara Pailet

Carrie Pailet

John Reeks
Barbara Sands

Courtney-Anne Sarpy
Judith Whann

Jan Wootan
Barbara Sands

Suzanne Cliffe
Dan Cliffe

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