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Commemorative Giving


The following donations have been made in memory of beloved friends and family members.

David Dashev, by

John and Kathy Heyman

D. Blair Favrot, by

Ms. Susan Adler and Mr. Lee Adler
Judy and Allain Andry
Mrs. Philip Breitmeyer, II
Barbara Cain
Joan Campbell
Katherine de Montluzin
Mary Fergusson
Mrs Colleen Ingraffia
Nancy and Jack Kimberly
Mr. Herman Kohlmeyer
Mrs Irene Lutkewitte
Robert Riess
Larry Schedler
Barbara L Scheuermann and Wenonah Perdigao Grayson
Harry Stahel
Lynne Stern
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Straub

Walter Harris, by

Mrs. Philip Breitmeyer, II

Lynne Hood, by

Kathleen and Steven Judice
Mr Danny Melnick
Ralph and Sissy Stephens
Phillip and Ruth Sheppard

John A. Pecoul, Jr., by

Mrs Ellen Pecoul

James Robert Pope, by

Mrs Julie Harrington

William John Ryan, III, by

Ann Mahorner

Karen Sanno, by

Donna Bradley
Charles Sanno

Myra Soboloff, by

Mrs Donna Bush
Coleman and Elsa Schneider
Ms. Miriam Warshauer-Cohen


Honorarium gifts to the LPO are a thoughtful way to commemorate an anniversary or birthday, or to honor a loved one. The LPO thanks the following donors and their loved ones for their honorary gifts.

Alec J. Armentor, by

Katie Flash

Carol Bartels, by

Thomas Bonner

Ruth Marris Macaulay, by

Ms Lucinda Flowers

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