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Commemorative Giving


The following donations have been made in memory of beloved friends and family members.

John Armbruster
Paula Armbruster

Mercedes Volliet Bonner
Thomas Bonner

David Dashev
Sharon Tarlow

George Dawson III
Diane Fee

Rosemarie Fowler
Kay McArdle

Kathleen Brooks Hightower for fellowship for promising young musicians
Kathleen Moore Vick Foundation

Stephanie Hyde
Wren Field

Dr. Roy Ingraffia
Colleen Ingraffia

Dorothy Jacobs
Dr. Edward D. Levy, Jr.
David and Jennifer Meszaros
Babs Mollere
Jennifer and Jack C. Benjamin Jr.
Marie & Robert Wolf
Rudolph Rasmussen

Ken Kussmann
Babs Mollere

Hugh W Long
Joe & Judy Toups

Margit Merey-Kadar
Carol Bartels
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Ferguson
Ann Tornyos

Ronald Lynn Merlino
Terence Bordelon

Rita Odenheimer
Mrs. Adelaide Benjamin
Carol Coplan
Stephen Sontheimer

Virginia Dare Rufin
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Ferguson

Karen Sanno
Donna Bradley

Lizbeth Turner
John Batson
Laura Carman
Dianne L Caverly
Florence Andre

Mary Ann Valentino
Ana and Juan Gershanik

Rosetta and Harold Weil
Weil Family Fund


Honorarium gifts to the LPO are a thoughtful way to commemorate an anniversary or birthday, or to honor a loved one. The LPO thanks the following donors and their loved ones for their honorary gifts.

Johnny Barker
Susan Brock

Mrs. Adelaide Wisdom Benjamin
Julie Breitmeyer

Dr. Georgia Bryant
Sydney Touchstone Lawder

Family Concerts
Barbara Sands

Ludovico Feoli
Ana and Juan Gershanik

Ana and Juan Gershanik
Usdin-Weil Foundation

Bob and Charlotte Lewis
Lorraine Thien

LPO Volunteers
Jacquelyn Clarkson

Joel Mague
Kathy Mague

Musicians of the LPO
Hywel W. Sims

Kenneth and Barbara Pailet
Carrie Pailet

John Reeks
Maj. Gen. (Ret.) and Mrs. Thomas A. Sands

Barbara Sands
Lorraine Thien
Jan Wootan

Courtney-Anne Sarpy
Judith Whann

Carlos Miguel Prieto
Jacquelyn Clarkson
Peter Munstedt
Mr. William Sabatier
Timothy Soslow
Lorraine Thien
Kathryn Wildgen

Jan Wootan
Barbara Sands

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